1970???? The Stringers returned to the business adding new dining rooms, providing a full half block of parking and purchased the church and property across the street to provide dining room for banquets seating three hundred people.


1983???? The Stringers sold the business and property to the present owners, their son and daughter-in-law,? Paul and Brenda Stringer.? Paul and Brenda have two children.? Their son, Paul, is married to Robin and they have three children, Jasmine, Daniel, and Jonah.? Their daughter, Berniece, is married to Ken Jones and they have four children, Hannah, Austin, Andrew and Audrey.


1950???? Lufkin Bar B Que opened in a 12?x20? shell building with Eugene Gann as the owner.


1952???? Queen Esther Stringer was asked if she could help in the restaurant for a few days .? She helped for about six weeks and bought the restaurant.


1953???? The Stringers purchased the property along with the corner lot joining and opened the first dining room, which served about thirty people.


1956???? The Stringers added a new dining room, which served about sixty people.? There was always a ?to go bar? which kept busy.


1960???? The Stringers leased the business to Gailand Jeffy Courtney for ten years.


Printable Menu Lufkin Bar B Q

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